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Holy Transfiguration Walsingham, Gallery of Ikons



27 Oct 2015


From time to time we become aware that there are courses planned for which people might wish to apply for a place.

Those resources listed below are included in good faith, without any knowledge of fees, conditions, or indeed if they will go ahead at all. We take no responsibility for any errors or omissions on these links and have no liability over their content. If you wish to participate on any of the courses we include on this site, you will need to contact the person who is running the course, not us. We can't act for others.

For those wishing to learn how to paint (write, is the more accurate term) ikons, Elenisicons frequently runs courses, sometimes in Walsingham. Here, also is a useful link.

The Institute of Orthodox Christian Studies in Cambridge offer a wide range of academic Christian courses.

The Mettingham Orthodox church are running an ikon study day Saturday 14th November 2015.